Teams-/Job description

Here you can find the list of teams and their tasks. If you have further questions, have a look at the FAQ.

AV Angel

People who assist the VOC in recording the talks

An introduction event is required to fulfill this role.

A/V Angels are responsible for the whole A/V Operation in a hall. You and your fellow angels operate the audio mixer, cameras and the video mixer. You support speakers by connecting their hardware the infrastructure in the hall and adjust the microphones.

The audio part is about mixing the different sources and taking care of monitoring and adjusting audio levels for the stream. To have some audio sources, you also manage the microphones in the hall. The goal of this job is to ensure that the audio levels are consistent and the resulting mix down is pleasant to the ears.

If you are responsible for the operation of the video mixer, you switch the video feed between different sources. This mixed video feed is used for both the live-stream and the recordings which are made available later. You decide which picture, respectively source, is most interesting/important at each moment.

Doing Video without cameras would result in a slide only stream, so someone has to ensure records the person who is giving the talk instead of the audience. If it's impossible to operate the camera during the whole talk, usually a fixed shot is fine too.

During a talk, there should be more than one A/V Angel so you can split up the various parts of this job between you and your fellow angels.

Entrance helper

Welcoming attendeeds and taking care of swag & tickets.

Helpful Hand

General role for everything that doesn't require special knowledge.

Herald / MC


VOC Team

This group of people is responsible for the smooth operation of the C3VOC infrastructure itself, e.g. cutting and releasing the talks, poking the streams, manage speaker inquiries and much more. Basically, they resolve all those issues, that nobody notices ;)

If you are interested in helping us (maybe even during the various events during the year), feel free to talk to us!